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I went on a mission trip with 19 strangers to a foreign country as their photographer. We spent four nights, five days visiting communities in Nicaragua, preparing meals, talking with the locals, and helping them with small projects to better their community.

I came home feeling even more grateful for what I had, but with the realization that even though these kids have next to nothing, they’re happier than some of us will ever be.

See how you can help their cause by visiting Rise Against Hunger’s website HERE.

What we did.


20 amazing people from all over the country (1 from Australia!) came together to learn, to get involved, and to help.


Stop Hunger Now coordinated a 6 day mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua, to visit, serve, and monitor progress of communities in need.


Malnutrition has dropped significantly from 26% to 12%, and is largely due to the 147,500,929 meals Stop Hunger Now has packaged since 2005.

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