I don’t know if it’s possible to ‘nerd’ out over notebooks, but if you can, I do.  At my last full time job as a Graphic Designer I don’t even know how many I went through during my time there, but I do remember when it was time to buy a new one, it was a real thing. Hardback, softcover, what size, lined, unlined, lay-flat, spiral bound, side stitched- not to mention finding one that had a cover I liked.

See? Nerd.

It mattered because I’ve always loved notes, and handwriting things, drawing, being organized, making lists, etc. So like with the design of any product, the experience of using it mattered down to the smallest detail. And to quote some famous guy named Charles Eames – “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Well said, Charles. Well said.

Oh, right. The Moo notebooks. I love them. They’re cloth bound, come in all different colors, and offer white, lined pages in a lay-flat design that doesn’t have you fighting the pages while you write. There’s also solid color ‘doodle’ pages in the middle to separate work from play, and last but not least a nifty little business card holder inside.

Bonus? Moo might have the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Period.

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