While my photography of my travels isn’t technically one tangible ‘thing,’ it’s one of my most favorite favorite-things. So far I’ve been to 8 other countries, and there’s a photo from each in this little personal ‘gallery’ of mine in my room.

Ireland, France, England, Germany, Nicaragua, Mexico, South Korea and Thailand.

With the little wall space I have in my room (what you see is it folks, the other side is back to back windows- love it), I wanted to something bold yet clean and minimal to avoid the cluttered look. I found this ‘layered’ frame look on, you guessed it- Pinterest, and I absolutely love how it turned out! I found all of my frames at Michaels because no one can say no to those coupons on the app- attached black ribbon to the back of the frames, bought super strength command hooks, and finally finished my mini gallery.

My goal is one international trip per year. I’m almost overdue – where to next?

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