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In 2014 I needed a project to practice using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. After seeing a fun design of the New York skyline, I decided to create one of Kansas City. Little did I know, when I posted it on social media, this little weekend project would create my next business.

That’s when the Royals made it into the ALCS. So I created a Royals skyline. Then I put it on a tshirt. And a mug. And on Etsy. Three years later, I’ve created 7 Kansas City designs and received requests for 28 other U.S. cities.

The best part about creating these cityscapes are the stories behind the orders or the custom requests. Their hometown, favorite getaway, a wedding gift, a place they used to call home, their college town, the list goes on. It’s so rewarding to hear their excitement about a design that represents one of their favorite places.

Prints, postcards, mugs and tees are available for purchase in the online store!

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