Untamed Supply


I blame my current candle obsession on Untamed Supply. The artist is local to KC which is, of course, why I love them even more. I met EJ at a craft show at Union Station and loved her story as well as the mission behind her business. Not only are the candles eco-friendly but she donates 3% of her profits to National Parks. How neat is that?

I picked up Redwood, Chai + Spice, and Yakima Valley. It’s like those Febreze ‘nose blind’ commercials where there’s a massive smelly tennis shoe in the hallway except my house is filled with freshly-cut firewood in a national forest made up of Chai lattes.

When I’m not imagining massive cups of coffee in my living room, my other candle obsession for years has been the Rewined line, specifically Merlot. They’re of course made out of recycled wine bottles and last forever. I wish there was some kind of internet scratch-n-sniff so you could smell for yourself. You’ll just have to trust me on this one!

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