Kawasaki Vulcan 500


Years ago, I specifically remember being on the back of my dad’s bike, watching one foot shifting gears, his left hand messing with some clutch thing, his right hand controlling the throttle and his right foot on a brake. I thought, “That’s cool, but nope. There’s no way I could figure all that out and trust myself on something like this.”

Turns out I proved myself wrong. “V” is my second bike, the first was an ’82 Kawasaki 305CSR. She was a cute project bike, but I got comfortable quick, and wanted something that didn’t make me feel like I was going to blow over on the road with one strong gust of wind. There’s absolutely times when I’m one hundred and twenty four percent terrified and I tell myself “yea, I’m good, I’m done,” and then there are those days where I wonder why I hadn’t gotten my license sooner.

I have friends and family who ride and oh, I also joined the Piston Annies for International Female Ride Day back in June, starting in the West Bottoms.

Eighty women on motorcycles riding in KC- does it get much better than that?

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