Warby Parker


I’ve never needed contacts or glasses in my life, until technology came along and consumed my life for more hours a day than not and ruined that streak. These second pair of eyes I have let me work on my laptop for hours on end headache-free thanks to their fancy hydrophobic anti-reflective coating.

Bonus? They’re so cute. And they come with even cuter names. Seriously, it’s like the best online shopping version of a baby-naming (let’s get real, I’ll be hitting up Warby Parker when I get a dog) book.

Double bonus? Their branding and customer service. You’re greeted with a “Nice to see you” message every time you open your case and read their quirky short story on your cleaning cloth.

Loved em in store but not after a few test runs? No questions asked returns within 30 days. Thank goodness for that because, apparently I have a weird face and can’t quite find the right fit. It was like online dating with Warby Parker before Claudia and I finally hit it off.

Find your match at WarbyParker.com.

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